We are passionate about excellence and getting the best results with the right use of resources. Less is More. We don't like paper and we don't like unnecessary processes. Both of these are a waste of precious resources, the paychecks written to cover all the extra unneeded inefficient work and your overtime at the office instead of having more fun.

We don’t want people to be handcuffed by their business when their intention is to have freedom from controlling their own ship. Every hour you and your team spends flipping through stacks of paper or searching for a piece of information lost in the shuffle is one less hour you could spend with your children or watching sunsets.

The sad part is the more waste in your business the more likely fraud can be perpetrated in the underbelly of poor processes. Meanwhile, the whole time you are pulling your hair out from frustration your business may be getting secretly attacked. Back Office Business Freedom is about you spending most of your time doing what’s going to make your business grow so you can enjoy your life.

"It's not about the value of the task, it's about the value of me not having to do it, or even think about it anymore." Ted Roden

Back Office Business Freedom is based on these 5 Mantras:

  • “Choose Freedom over Frustration” (Kirk Phillips)
  • “Never delegate what you can automate and never automate what you can eliminate.” (Tim Ferris)
  • Less is More (Many)
  • “The system runs the business and the people run the system” (Michael Gerber)
  • “Your Business with Peace of Mind in Mind” (Kirk Phillips)